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SKOBI uniquely provides Korean style BBQ along with a variety of sushi selections
to create an exceptional dining experience for friends and family in Canada.


To produce an enjoyable experience, SKOBI's contemporary design is equipped with high-tech kitchen equipment and an equalizer vent system, making the atmosphere clean and comfortable. 

SKOBI proudly believes in using the freshest ingredients to offer customers with high quality dishes. You can check the details of our meat & sushi below.



We provide "Canada Prime"
which is from the top 2% graded beef in Canada.
So, our beef is so tender and fatty, and it melted in your mouth.

You can also enjoy our meat with SKOBI's special dipping sauces.



We provide the freshest ingredients and a variety of sushi selections
to serve high quality sushi in Canada. 

Complemented with a range of sushi items created
from our 12+ years of experience as a sushi restaurant.


Sushi Menu

Everyday : 11:30 am - 10 pm


BBQ Menu

Everyday : 11:30 am - 10 pm

Last call 

Sushi : 9:30 pm

BBQ : 9:10 pm


604 . 371 . 0050

604 . 371 . 0085


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